Traditional Aikido


Traditional Aikido dojo affiliated to Aikikai Foundation's Hombu Dojo (Aikido World Headquarters) via the United Kingdom Aikikai (UKA). Within the UKA we are part of the Myo Shin Juku school which was headed by the late Sensei Peter Brady Shihan, 7th Dan so Hombu and is now headed by Sensei Cliff Price Shidoin, 6th Dan so Hombu. Chief instructor at Wycombe Aikido is Sensei Chris Locke, 5th Dan so Hombu.

Our friendly classes are suitable for adults of all ages and all abilities. We are a non-profit school, cost is £10 per class or £35 per month if paying by standing order, and is only to cover the hire of the facilities. Unfortunately we are unable to accept children under the age of 16. 

Free taster lesson.


How You Can Benefit

With our Aikido training, students have the chance to exercise their minds and bodies in ways they never have before. Aikido is a unique martial art in that there are no kicks or punches as such, its techniques emphasise harmony and control to bring an attack to a safe and swift conclusion with minimal harm to either party. You will learn truly effective self defense techniques while getting gently fitter at the same time.


Come and give it a try

Wycombe Aikido classes are held at The Scout Hall, Watery Lane, Wooburn Green, HP10 0NE. Feel free to drop in on any Wednesday evening from 8pm to 9:30pm. Please call us in advance to let us know you will be coming, in case of any class cancellations.


The Scout Hall
Watery Lane
Wooburn Green, HP10 0NE
United Kingdom

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