The United Kingdom Aikikai (UKA) is an organisation with a long standing foundation in Traditional Aikido.  Formed in 1985 the senior instructors collectively have over 125 years’ experience in teaching and training. Today, the UKA operates with a focus on family values and is open to all members of the community. Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on self defence and self improvement, it is a sound way to develop a personal level of fitness and is an enjoyable pastime which can fit in with work, social and family life.


Wycombe Aikido is part of the Myo Shin Juku House of Aikido which is affiliated to the International Headquarters of Aikido at Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan through the United Kingdom Aikikai (UKA). Myo Shin Juku House Principal and Chief Instructor was the late Mr. Peter Brady Shihan (7th Dan so Hombu and 3rd Dan IaiDo).

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